WhipperSnapper – Oregon Spirit Whiskey Review

WhipperSnapper - Oregon Spirit Whiskey

Made by Ransom Spirits in Sheridan Oregon this isn’t your everyday bottle of whiskey. Everything from the name of the distillery (a reference to the cost of being self-employed) to it’s production process that utilizes aspects of making bourbon, scotch, irish whiskey, and dutch corenwyn are a bit unconventional.

Whipper Snapper is made from 79% white dog and 21% malted barley, aged between six months to two years inside a variety of new and used whiskey barrels as well as Pinot Noir barrels which in my humble opinion is where things get interesting. The odd mixture creates a provocative taste that seems to leave you identifying a flavor that changes just as you start to figure it out… It’s a combination that you just can’t place.

When the whiskey is ready only 8 barrels are selected, mixed and used for bottling which is done with extra tender love and care by being hand bottled, hand labeled, and hand waxed.

All in all this isn’t a whiskey for traditionalist but I’m a sucker for something a little off the beaten path so I was happy to pick up a bottle to share with friends. Don’t let the overall rating fool you, it’s worth trying but for me it’s more of a novelty than a “must-have” item in your cabinet.

Color: Deep amber.

Nose: Fruit, Beer and Barley.

Palate: Sweet, oaky with heavy wine flavors and a hint of corn.

Finish: Warm but quick to fade leaving lingering hints of wine.

I'd Suggest You: Try It!